November 11, 2014


Christian Boer, a dutch designer, believes that the font he designed will help those with dyslexia keep letters straight.


October 29, 2014

Judith Kostroski

Roni Horn

Art using text by Roni Horn.


FIFA World Cup Logo

What do we think?


Positive Space [blog]


I've been exploring tons of design blogs lately, and
this one has easily become a favorite.
It's different from many design blogs,
which mainly focus on inspiration.
This one has some practicality to it.

- briana

October 22, 2014

Posters and posters and posters

Isaac is a pretty cool guy I went to college with.


Creative Poster

I like this poster. It's a list of some of the designer's favorite things. 

Since we were talking about this in is a list of online portfolio hosting sites.  I have personally used and they make it very easy to upload and display your work.

Kerry Galbraith

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