March 12, 2009

Kearning & Leading?????

Really. Don't be afraid to buck the system. Cindy

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Anonymous said...

true that. i'm really starting to dive into this whole logo world. i've been making a living at it for more than 3 yrs...never professionally trained, but I have been diligently learning everything everyone learned in school...slowly over time while I work by butt off. And while I think it's amazing how clean some logos can look when the "kearning" is book perfect...I still have to laugh. Can't these people shake it off, get lucid for a second, and seriously have an original thought?! It's like they're looking through a tunnel...a narrow tunnel created by the people who control what the best schools put in the curriculum. Follow the f*cking leader, right!? Anyway, thanks for your post.

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