March 2, 2010

Who owns color?

I have spent the last hour researching 'color' online and am overwhelmed by the amount of information and sites dedicated to the use of color, color trends and creations. I have to admit that I have never given this much thought to the theories and methods behind color use. The monopoly that PANTONE has on the print market - as THE leader in color - surprises and fascinates me. On their website, quotes that stuck out to me include the fact that PANTONE is the 'world-renowned authority on color' and a 'universal color language' - they have completely revolutionized the field. Their tag lines convey this weight. Lines such as 'power of color' or 'the color of ideas' strike me because they convey the important role PANTONE plays in the industry's (well, multiple industries') color decisions. This begs the question: can anyone own such a thing as color? This institution is so well-known - even outside of the design world - that they now have a line of accessories, including the mugs and notepads below.

I'm sure there are articles on the subject of 'who owns' color and would love to further explore this more philosophical question.

Posted by Sara.


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