September 19, 2010

ANCHOR, by Lucia Cai

ANCHOR, Lucia Cai

A uni-case multi-dimensional typeface inspired by the average New Yorker’s daily journey through the urban jungle. The name ANCHOR is derived from the way that the floss is tethered to the foundation yet when viewed from above the letter forms seem like they’re suspended in midair. ANCHOR plays with light and shadow, which manipulate each to create elongated and condensed variations on each letterform.
Materials: Pine Wood, Finishing Nails, Embroidery Floss, Varnish, Gold Acrylic Paint, Canola Oil, Wood Putty.

>>I'm feeling particularly inspired by typefaces that have a sculptural element to them. I suppose most if not all handmade types will be 3-dimensional (even ink has depth, right?) but I like typefaces like this accentuate the sculptural possibilities.

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