November 12, 2009

Dressing Down

I was thinking today about the fact that generic brands tend to do better in hard economic times, and wondering about the consumer mindset while purchasing them. Does more complicated or "nicer" looking design always equate to a higher price? Does generic (generally sparser, simpler design) equate to better value? And where does quality enter into the picture? (You can read a good article on this here.)

We need to think about the consumer in all of our designs, as we are designing for an audience. Though we may be thinking of the latter, however, does not mean we'll always be on target. Take, for example, the Tropicana rebrand (now reverted back to the original design). The new design pushed a modern, clean feel of the juice to broaden its audience and gain share. To a lot of people, the new package looked like a generic, which did the reverse of differentiating the brand. If there hadn't been such a backlash to the new design - from customers fiercely loyal to the old brand - perhaps we'd see how the generic-looking new model would be doing more long-term in midst of the recession.

Just something to think about while browsing the supermarket.

(Post by E. Noelle)


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