November 7, 2009

Memorable cd art

Whenever I think of cd art, I always get taken back to the day that I bought Radiohead's Kid A. Opening the case and flipping through the booklet, I remember thinking this is kind of cool, but weird at the same time. Referencing there previous albums' (Ok Computer, The Bends) sounds in my head, I was perplexed about how this art fit with their music. Then listening to the accompanying cd, it clicked. I think Kid A, at that time, was a new direction for Radiohead and the cd art was the first thing that showcased that. The geometric planes, cold colors, solid yet haunting feelings expressed by the cd art were also found in the music of the cd. Years later, I still love that cd, and have come to love the art that came in association with it. I guess it's just something to think the cd art going to make as much of an impact as the music? Is it supposed to?

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