November 2, 2010

Three random-ish map things

First, I'm not sure this counts as a map per se, but it's cool, and related to scale, which is a mapping-ish thing (you have to follow the link, it's not a picture):

I like it because it's kind of a "Powers of 10," but interactive.

Second, while exploring what turned out to be a dead end for my class project, I found this amusing set of tools, which includes a midpoint calculator, a bearing/distance calculator, and a random geographic point generator (which I want to figure out a use for somehow, someday):

And finally, for Lisa in particular, this is kind of the inverse of your map project (from the Strange Maps blog again):

--posted by Marin


Lisa said...

I just found that last map and was thinking about posting it but then I forgot!

says Lisa

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