November 3, 2010

Timelines of Time Travel

I was trying to figure out how to deal with timelines, and I came across David McCandless. He refers to himself as an information designer and has a great blog entitled Information is Beautiful.

I enjoyed his take on time-travel in movies, which is shown on the left. This one captures method of time travel through the color of each curved line, which is labeled with the film or tv show that took that trip through time. He also labels as paradoxes the interesting relationships between the time travels in each movie/film. He has created a similar timeline for Doctor Who.

Check out David at his TED talk about turning complex data sets into visualizations. He also has an interactive display entitled Snake Oil? that is worth a look.

Another visualization by David McCandless is his graph of peak break-up times based on facebook status data, which I thought had some amusing observations.

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