October 2, 2009

Speaking of a redesigned logo...

I thought this was appropriate given our current assignment, also it's kind of funny.
I copied this from a post in the Under Consideration: Brand blog

In Brief BY Armin

Wisconsin Gets Jiggy with Acronyms

Wisconsin Tourism Federation

Who would have thought that a web site called Your Logo Makes me Barf would one day influence the identity design of a state-level organization? This past July, when YLMMB added the logo of the Wisconsin Tourism Federation (WTF) to its list of victims — along with the inevitable post title of “WTF Wisconsin?! — the change was set in motion. Yesterday, Milwaukee’s Journal Sentinel reported that WTF had changed its logo to avoid the now infamous acronym of the words “What”, “The,” and “Fuck.” From now on they are to be known as the Tourism Federation of Wisconsin (TFW) with a logo to match. Besides the question of why not fix their visually painful logo while they are at it, I can’t help but point out this missed opportunity: If web lingo has taken you down, embrace it and change it from Wisconsin Tourism Federation to, say, Federation of Tourism of Wisconsin. You know… FTW. For the Win!

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