June 7, 2009


After reading this week's assignment, I found Lupton's experience and information interesting. I particularly enjoyed her tips on punctuation. I have been confused over which rules apply, as the AP, MLA guides lists conflicting guidelines. I prefer her take and reasoning for the "rules" she highlights. I understand the graphic design requirements vary from writing a press release. However, it would be logical, since much of the printed word is often read via the web.

I have included an excerpt from an email that most definitely drives me crazy. I am thinking about buying a copy of our book for this person. I know, I am not perfect as well.

Posted by: Lisa P.


KALI KURTZ said...

I also found the appendix to be very interesting. I didn't know the difference between hatch marks and prime marks, along with putting only a single space after a period. I think Ellen lupton's sense of humor is pretty great as well. ex:

Say more, write less.
Just as designers should avoid filling up space with arbitrary visual effects, writers should remember that no one loves their words as much as they do.


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