June 30, 2009

MJ Album Tribute

Considering our current project and as a tribute to "MJ" and his many album covers...

How it Began

I believe this may have been the first Jackson 5 album cover. This album cover comprises of a few different font types, both serif and san serif. the colors and wide typeface used for the "The Jackson 5" part screams 70's funk.

(image source: http://tralfaz-archives.com/coverart/J/jackson5_ross.html)

People ♥ Michael

Micheal's first solo album... I noticed the fiolex girls like font. The hearts give it away. I believe this font helped capture his target audience of young teen girls.

(image source: http://sleevage.com/michael-jackson-got-to-be-there)


Thriller is seen as his break out album.. With this cover I see the font becoming more personalized with the use of a script typeface as his signature. Both artist and album title use the same font too. (image source:



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