June 16, 2009

We love you Janis!

Posted by Dave.
My first impression of the font for 'Janis Joplin' was, Oh, they're making the space between the letters in 'Janis' even and the spaces between 'Joplin' increasingly wide from left to right. In addition, the letters at times have a wide range between thick and thin lines (linage?) - this is of course most prominent with the N and L. So both the characters and the spacing between them shows a wide range visually with line/space (form?). To me this convey's a kind of wildness/chaos - that is somewhat countered by the consistent yet still varying pattern within the letter forms.

With the first four letters in 'Joplin' being so much closer together, the text overall (both words) seems to lean to the left wanting to slip down the deep black negative space below them and to Janice's right (our left) which visually balances off Janice' figure as she leans WAY to the opposite direction as she performs. She is so cool! I love this woman. Don't you love Janice? And dont forget the negative space (black) throughout the entire image - all if it is very dynamic and working hard to keep up with the intensity of Janice rockin' worshipful attitude - not only her torso and head but her foreharms also create very strong diagonals making both her and the negative space her body creates very intense.


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