September 24, 2009

Brand with Caution (Logo post)

The designer who created this logo for the Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission (in 1973) must have thought he/she was very clever. Why, this logo is award-winning! It has such great Gestalt! It symbolizes the loving & paternal relationship priests have with their pupils!

Then it all hit the fan. Turns out this designer was more savvy about the "loving" relationship than he/she knew.

It's a good place to start thinking about how logos' meanings can change as the brand itself changes - think about Enron, etc.

(Post by E. Noelle)


Anonymous said...

Orrible, ese logotype parece un nino mamamdole al cura. Cuando lo vi crei que era algun diseno encontra de la pedofilia.

Anonymous said...

The logo might also be referencing to the chalice and the host. "The body and blood of Christ" which only becomes so during mass when a priest consecrates the wine and the bread.

And the press has exaggerated allegations of abuse from priests. The reported number varies from 2% to 4% and is not any more than reports of teachers, coaches or caregivers.

Don't jump to conclusions. Why do so many smart people think that faith bashing is equated with a "learned person"

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