September 23, 2009

Logo Post 2

This is the logo for Surly Brewing Co. The Brooklyn Center based brewery has been around since 2005 and has recently had a surge in popularity. Their beers are good, but I think some of that success can be attributed to their overall brand identity, which includes this logo. The firm Bidwell ID is responsible for the branding and design.

In class we talked about the "bad" logos and how some of them don't showcase what the product actually is. I think this Surly logo does the exact opposite. You can definitely tell that it's for a beverage company, specifically brewery is stated in the logo. I like the play of the logo being able to be flipped in either direction (upside down/downside up). It's very balanced and the thick black lines help to create the man's head and beer class in an almost negative space where it's stylized but not abstracted being recognition.

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