October 17, 2010

Maps and Mattresses

Guillermo Kuitca had an exhibit at the Walker this summer, which is where I first saw the piece above. It's a little hard to see from the photo, but those are all small mattresses painted with what look to be pretty standard road maps, and upholstery buttons marking the major cities. The next photo is of a different piece, but it has the same general idea and I think you can see the map part a bit better.

The thing you can't tell from either photo is that Kuitca often uses real place names but imaginary geographies. One piece that was at the Walker exhibit used place names from Minnesota and the upper Midwest, so when I first looked at it, it seemed familiar until I looked closer and realized that places were all in the "wrong" place.

And finally, another map that I like because it is based on perceived geography rather than physical reality:

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