October 14, 2010

Maps, maps, and more maps

The examples of Salavon's work we saw in class yesterday reminded me of Byron Kim's Synecdoche. To make this piece he went out on the street and asked people if he could take a sample of their skin color. Each square of this panel is a different person's skin color (taken from their arm, since, as he explains, people's face color changes too much when they speak) MOMA has a short audio clip of him talking about the piece that you can hear here.

Below are three works created by Maya Lin for an exhibition called Systematic Landscapes. She's an artist/architect taking traditional map content (geography) and depicting it in some neat artistic ways. She also designed the Vietnam Memorial in DC (a map of that war? a map of the lives lost?). You can check out her site here.

This last piece is probably my favorite. She took an old atlas, 2D space representing 3d space, and cut into it in order to restore it to 3d space.

Finally, I found the below image stored on my computer in my random inspiration folder. I have no idea what it is from or where it is from but maybe it came from science textbook (?). Either way I think its awesome and map-y.

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