June 30, 2010

Color and Emotions

As I was researching I found the following:

"Every single cell in our bodies need light energy in order to grow and survive. Color energies therefore affect our whole body."

A few ways to bring more color into your life are to:

  • Paint your walls vibrant colors
  • Eat brightly skinned organic fruits and vegetables
  • Decorate your home with items in complementing color contrasts
  • Colored light bulbs are great alternative to boring yellow light
  • Dress in shades of color that rule the day
  • Be vigilant about the colors around you, such as green grass and the blue sky.

This is a chart that further explains what we talked about in class last week with color and emotions. Today my day started off as a nice (brownish) yellow for joy - it then progressed to the medium red of annoyance.

Sorry I cant be at class - I am a bit annoyed about it.



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