June 7, 2010

Curiously Free Range Advertising

So maybe I’m an overachiever, maybe I just talk too much, or maybe I’m just waaay into blogging (or possibly all three)—but I’m afraid my posts may tend to be long--sorry in advance. This week’s post was to be about that which inspires you. (As I quickly look back to my notebook to verify that…) So, I’m easily amused and truly do watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, so my post will have two print/billboard ad campaigns that I totally dig (and I'll save you from the shameless Target plug--at least for now).

So recently, I’ve been driving 35W northbound and there is a Chipotle billboard ad that always jumps out at me. It’s near the bus stop right after the Lake Street exit. I don’t have a picture of it (I searched the web, even) because I’m usually driving—but pay attention next time you’re coming to Minneapolis and you’ll catch it. It’s great use of text gradient (grey vs black).

If I recall, it goes something like this (This is from memory, so if it’s not exactly correct, I’m sorry!):

We wanted to make big ads
that talked about the fresh farm-raised
chemical free chicken in our burritos,
but our ad people said that doesn’t sell.

After the first time I passed the billboard, I made sure I was in the slow lane and going like barely 55 miles per hour so I could read all the grayed out text before I passed it by.
Here's one more I found while searching that is great:

All of Chipotle’s ads are on their website (http://www.chipotle.com/html/ads.aspx), even the Burrito Lady radio ad that I thought was an actual song for about a month...

My other favorite campaign is the Altoids “curiously strong” initial ad campaign
(http://www.altoids.com/ad-gallery.aspx). When I was in high school they started what I’ve come to call the “blue background” campaign. I don't know if that's what it's really titled, but that's what I've come to call it. I was so into this campaign I actually tore the ads out of my magazines before I threw them away and plastered them over my high school locker. Below are three examples of it.

I could go on and on, and probably will, eventually, but I'll save some of the websites and cool ads I've found for a later day... :) cheers!

Amanda Nerud, signing off...


Anonymous said...

love your comment title, btw. - erin

Anonymous said...

There's a similar billboard ad for chipotle on hennepin and franklin.

Neal Peterson

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