June 23, 2010

weighing the competition...

Ahh, competition... whether it's the other baseball player who can hit farther than you can, or the bake sale lady who has 'secret ingredient' muffins, everyone has competition. I haven't decided who to choose for my logo yet-- so I looked at the competitors of IKEA and the London Olympics 2012 to see if it raised the competitive hackles in me and made my choice for me...

IKEA - is kind of rare in how one-off it can be to try to group with like stores. Not quite a department store, not quite a warehouse department.

Not quite the same, but discount and some items require contstruction on your part. But very "mainstream"

CB2.com - online only store, part of the Crate&Barrel family. A little more intricate/unique like IKEA.

London 2012 Olympics -- looked at other international and (mostly) national sports championships.

1948 London Olympics - Second time London hosted the Olympics. First time in 12 years because of World War II.

1908 London Olympics - First time London hosted the Olympics. Hurriedly put together because original host city was deemed to not be on schedule to be ready in time. London's infrastructure was there and the took over as host city.

I like this one. FIFA '10! Might get a little muddy if it goes B&W, but in color it looks awesome.

Posted by Amanda Nerud


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