June 29, 2010

Color in my own real life

My dining room when we moved in.

My dining room now, painted but not finished yet :)

Sun room - before

Sun room - after (furniture arriving on Thursday, yay!)

As well as not being a fan of the particular colors of these rooms when we moved in, I was going for a certain vibe and style with each one. I feel that dining rooms should always be about drama, so it's okay to go a little darker with the paint color than you would in any other room, hence one of my favorite colors - dark brown! Also I love this color with the even darker wood table and chairs and the juxtaposition of the white trim. In the sun room there was this weird yellow-green color and next to the yellow of the dining room and kitchen it looked dingy and gross, so I went with a more relaxing color of blue/green. It's great for a room with so many windows that is designed to be a chill spot. It gives in a bit of a tropical feel, especially when matched with the white trim again.

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