June 30, 2010

contrast, complimentary, curious color

Color. There's lots of it. Unless you have a black and white camera. Then you just have gradients.

Okay, so I'll start things off with a bang...
Both typographically stimulating and almost an overabundance of color. But the creator chose the color of text and background to make sure important words stood out and not-so-important words fall to the background.
I like the quote too... :)

Peacock feather!! If we're talkin' color-- this is probably one of the most colorful birds i know of. This macro-photo gets all up in there for a great look at the multitude of colors.
This is from http://www.caedes.net/ a great website where people post both computer creations and photographic work for sharing or commenting.
Plus, it's GREAT for backgrounds for your computer!

I like this one, (also from caedes.net) because of the color and texture.

This one I enjoy because of the green/brown play. You also get great highlights from the water droplets.

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